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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in The Bahamas

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Are you considering investing in The Bahamas? Well here are the Top 10 reasons why you should invest in The Bahamas!

1. Close proximity to major North American and Latin American financial centers. There is also direct flights from UK and Canada on British Airways and WestJet.

2. Within 50 miles of the world’s largest economy.

3. Same time zone as New York and Toronto (EST).

4. Peaceful and stable democracy since 1729.

5. Independent nation with compliant legislation.

6. No local taxes on capital gains, inheritance, corporate and personal income, dividends, and interest.

7. Proactive incentives for investment such as Permanent Residence which can be obtained with an invest of $750,000.

8. Highly trained industry professionals and an English speaking workforce.

9. Essential public services and modern infrastructure.

10. Ideal climate and lifestyle with many islands and cays to explore.

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