Douglaston Estate is a 300 year old historical monument to Grenada’s past. The Estate measures 600 Acres and contains four buildings. These include an old Great House which can be restored to its former glory, an Office, the Overseer’s quarters and the Watchman’s House. The Douglaston Estate is steeped in rich Grenadian History and offers a unique Ecotourism Experience. It continues to use the old fashioned way of processing spices. Centuries old Boucans are still used to dry the cocoa beans. The centuries old Engine room is still in tact and the Douglaston Estate continues to grow and process spices such as nutmeg, mace, bayleaf, allspice cinnamon. The Douglaston Estate has two rivers running through its boundaries as well as 2 dams and several springs. The Douglaston Estate offers its new owner a unique development opportunity.

Property Features

  • Beach Access
  • Development site
  • Ocean Views