Caribbean Lifestyle

The Caribbean needs no reason!

Caribbean Lifestyle

Imagine there was a place were the sun was always shining and the weather was always warm. Imagine being able to enjoy long walks on the beach while enjoying all that nature has to offer. Imagine a place were you are able to disconnect from your phones and build intimate relationships.  A place that feels secluded but yet still offers all of the world class amenities you desire. This place is the Caribbean and this place awaits!

Caribbean Weather

While weather patterns vary from island to island in the Caribbean, the one thing that is consistent about Caribbean weather is its year-round beauty and warmth. Temperatures are almost always moderate with very little seasonal variation. If your looking for good weather any time of the year, you can find it here!

Caribbean Golfing

Picture this: You’re at one of the Caribbean’s most stunning golf courses with panoramic views of the Sea from 16 of its 18 holes. Golf clubs, balls, scorecard, tees, beverages and snacks are neatly arranged in your cart as your survey the surrounding landscape.

Boating & Fishing

One of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the world, the Caribbean is known for excellent sport fishing experiences. Those looking for a fight may enjoy fishing among the shallower blue waters, where experienced captains often find the tarpon, wahoo, yellowtail snapper, and the elusive barracuda.

Caribbean Travel made easy

The Caribbean is a top destination for travelers, thanks to its mix of sun, sand and nightlife. Whether its famous St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos or The Bahamas, this region delivers its promise of paradise. And the best part is that these islands are very close to South Florida, the natural private aviation hub that serves as the gateway for anyone traveling to this region. Just one-hour separates some of these island-nations from Miami, a fact that explains the high demand of flights throughout the year.

Caribbean Culture

Knowing the history of the Caribbean region goes a long way toward understanding its people. Each island has a unique cultural identity shaped by the European colonialists, the African heritage of slaves, and the enduring legacies of the native Indian tribes. This rich history and its lasting influence is set against a backdrop of crystal clear waters and perpetual sunshine

Caribbean Cuisine

Authentic Caribbean cuisine is truly an excellent representation of all the cultural influences the Caribbean Islands have experienced since the late 1400’s. With a fine mixture of French Island and African recipes, Caribbean cuisine is widely prepared and enjoyed by people from around the world. Vibrant colors and mouth watering flavors should be expected!

Caribbean Shopping

For many years the Caribbean was considered a shopping Mecca and a hot spot for bargains on imported luxury goods. Many islands in the Caribbean offer duty-free shopping, which means you can get luxury goods at incredible prices. The Caribbean has everything you’ll need for the luxe life, with a big-name lineup of boutiques, including Breitling, Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany and more.

You can also enjoy hand made souvenirs from the local straw market.