Belize Real Estate

Belize Real Estate

If you are a traveler who seeks adventures off the beaten path, then Belize is the place for you. Here, you can explore mystical Maya caves, wondrous aquatic habitats and lush national parks. Belize Real Estate offers a unique opportunity to own your Caribbean dream home at great prices. Belize is a hot stop for diving the reefs and is only a 2 hour flight from Miami. R.E. Properties Caribbean has a great selection of Luxury Belize Real Estate Properties from Beach Home to Condos with Ocean Views. We invite you to view our Belize Properties below.



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Investing in Belize

Belize, the benefit of these free-trade zones is a way to encourage foreign trade and investment. For investors, the advantages include: Exemption from import and export duties as taxes on capital gains, property, sales and consumption, trade turnover, foreign exchange, and transfers.

Having acquired industry based experienced over 30 years being in the real estate industry in Belize, we offer the best real estate investment properties in Belize at affordable prices. We understand the economy and the local market fluctuations and leverage our experience to provide you with the best real estate deals in Belize.

Our properties for sale in Belize range from small guest houses to large beachfront condos and resort residences. Whether you are acquiring a commercial property to be run from overseas, making a real estate investment or wish to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle under the beautiful weather conditions of Belize, we will provide you with the best deals.

We ensure that buying your property in Belize viewing the listing to final purchase, goes as smoothly as possible.

Kindly go through our list of properties for sale in Belize and make a choice. If you have specific requirements, do well to use the search parameters to locate your choice.